We offer a complete start to finish service with your security camera installation; we set-up your camera system to allow remote viewing over the web, on your PC, or on your mobile devices and smartphones.

All DVR based camera systems have the capability to be viewed remotely over the internet or your smartphones. Most systems have not been set up in such a manner simply because most owners of a security camera system do not know the vast combination of DVR and router configurations – making the remote viewing setup process frustrating and time consuming.
Our professional experience tech Support will take all your hassles away; we are both experienced and professional in this area.

Many owners of security camera systems asked if their systems will work on a dynamic IP (this is when the your IP address changes on a unvarying basis making it difficult to keep track of your IP address to log in with). This is not a problem at C&N Connections. We provide our clients with necessary information and tools that will track the IP address every time it changes. This service is available for a low annually fee.