One of the most vital foundations of your electronic house is the interior cabling that will deliver your entertainment, information, surveillance and communication throughout the home. If you are building a new residence or supervising the completion of new residences, it makes absolute financial and technical sense to “pre-wire” your home to accommodate these technologies.
DIY vs. Professional

Can you pre-wire your home yourself? Unless you’re pretty experience with this sort of thing, you’re probably better off leaving this job to the professionals. A professional technician has done this many times before, has seen it all and will anticipate many more “what-ifs” than you will. Not so long ago, the majority of homes were wired with little more than the AC electrical power lines, a few phone lines and a few TV cables. Time has changed. Of course there is still a place for old technology, but some unique and highly specific requirements must also be met, that’s where the technician’s expertise comes in. Furthermore, they consider the little things such as where to install the connection junctions for maximum reliability, how to isolate signal wires from electrical interference, and how to code the different cables for easy identification later on –enhancing your audiovisual experience.
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"Prevention is better than a cure"
"Proactive thinking is more cost efficient than reactive thinking"

Prewiring by professionals prevents many faults and prewiring is a planned then implemented proactive approach ~